Our Story & People

at Exchange PPE we provide affordable disinfectant, sanitizer and PPE in keeping customers safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As we head to work and live in the new reality of a Pandemic, we believe it is s critical service to offer the public the protection they desire at a cost that makes living safer accessible to those who want to protect themselves and others while at work or out in the community.


“Providing opportunities for First Nations has always been my passion and motivation. I will continue to work for our Nations to ensure we all succeed.” My name is Kyra Wilson and I am the Community PPE Advisor for Exchange PPE. I am Anishinaabe from Long Plain First Nation and Sandy Bay and Nehiyaw from Saskatchewan. My background is in the Social Work field and I have dedicated years to advocating for families in the child welfare system. I am passionate about working for First Nations families and communities. This has led to my current role - providing safety solutions and logistical support to Indigenous communities.

Darren Klus Senior Marketing Associate

I am a Senior Marketing Associate for Exchange PPE. I am privileged to partner with Exchange PPE and lend my 33 years of Medical and Surgical expertise to this franchise. Throughout my career; my passion has always been to provide healthcare providers both large and small across Canada and the United States with new and innovative healthcare solutions that not only improve clinical outcomes but also bring value to my customer. I look forward to discussing with you your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements and needs as we work together to safely transition to an open economy during this critical time. Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. Together we can make a difference!

Reberta Bayer VP - Indigenous Community Solutions

Hi, my name is Reberta Bayer and I am a 
community sales representative for Exchange PPE, 
selling Personal Protective Equipment. I am Indigenous woman from Manitoba with Cree and Ojibway ancestry. Over the past twenty years I have gained experience in all aspects of aboriginal arts and crafts retail sales while working with Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique, an indigenous owned and managed company based in Winnipeg. During the recent several years I have set up and operated sales booths at various First Nation events and gatherings in cities across Canada. In so doing I have developed and continue to maintain a large network of Native and non-Native contacts across the country. The pandemic has severely impacted everybody’s lifestyle worldwide and I am hoping to do my part to help our people be better prepared for future impacts.

Najara Barros VP - Winnipeg Sales

As co-founder and owner of Hermanos Restaurant & Wine Bar, it has been my pleasure to bring the flavours and excitement of my home country, Brazil, to Winnipeg’s Exchange District for the past 11 years. Being able to experience Winnipeg’s warm welcome and embrace of our independent restaurant and the traditions of my culture has been an amazing experience. Being away from my family in Brazil and seeing the deep impact COVID-19 has had in my home country, here in Winnipeg, and within our own culinary community, has demonstrated to me the essential, immediate need for PPE-masks and safety solution access. At Hermanos, we have always shown care, commitment, and passion for our guests. I am privileged to bring that same service excellence to you for your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirments and needs as we work together to safely transition during this critical time. Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. Together we can make a difference.

John Giesbrecht Marketing Associate

I have joined Exchange PPE because I have a genuine desire to always give people ultimate value for their dollar. My last 10 years has been spent working in real estate along with being an elected official on a municipal council. My passion is in serving people and as a result I have been involved in various business ventures throughout my life. I have always cared for the well being of anyone that I could help to have a better life and that's the foundation I live on. Let's move forward to a better and healthy future together!

Ted Bland Community PPE ADVISOR

My name is Ted Bland, I am Cree from York Factory First Nation. As the Chief of York Factory for 6 years I became Chairman for the Executive Council of The Keewatin Tribal Council (KTC) and advocated for the 11 nations of KTC in all areas, including health. Along with my team, I worked endless hours trying to better our community with much success. My role will always be to fight for and ensure safety for all our people. This has lead me to my current role providing safety solutions and logistical support to Indigenous communities. I’d like to help your community navigate PPE purchase during this critical time. Ekosi

Doug Lawrence

My name is Doug Lawrence and I am from Long Plain First Nation. My background is in finance and sales. I have worked hard to ensure everyone feels like they’re a priority with me. I have visited several communities across Canada and my journey has led me to working with our Nations regarding health and safety. Helping and supporting our Nations will always be a focus with my work. Keeping everyone safe is important and I will work hard to provide you with safe and affordable solutions. “Working in sales has allowed me to develop and build meaningful relationships within our Nations across the country. I will always hold our Nations close to my heart and continue to work for our people.”